Glean Whois helps teach a framework for investigating website ownership and authorship using a whois tool.

Step 1: Enter a URL to research:

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What is this information?

Whois information is information that companies who run the Web have about the owners of individual websites.

Within the Whois information about a site, Registrant, Administrative or Technical Contact are most helpful at the beginning. Highlight the names, addresses or e-mail addresses to perform an automatic search on the information. Read more about how to plan your research about a website.

What do I do with the results?

Use the WhoIs information as a starting point to learn what you can about the domain you are researching.

Read more about how to make the best use of this information. Or, if you like to explore on your own, don't forget to employ the Wikipedia and the Website History links, too!

How do I know I've found everything?

Your work is finished only when you believe you've learned what you need to know. Usually, you can ask yourself: based upon what I know, do I find this source trustworthy? Do I need to look further?